Student Code of Conduct

By applying to an InnoEnergy Educational Program, I, as Applicant to the InnoEnergy Master School hereby indicate my explicit consent to follow the below Student Code of Conduct:

Student Code of Conduct

Every Applicant and Student participating in a Master Program shall agree to the below terms.

All Applicants and Students have a responsibility to contribute to a good working environment.

Relations between KIC InnoEnergy SE, the iSE Foundation, the participating universities and the Applicants and Students must be characterized by mutual respect. No one may be exposed to discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, transgender identity or expressions, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, functional impairment, sexual orientation, or age, etc.

Within the Partner Institution and during placements and visits, students must behave in an acceptable manner towards all pedagogical, administrative, technical, maintenance and service staff and in a more general manner, towards all third parties.

InnoEnergy promotes an atmosphere of collegiality as an essential element of academic excellence. Applicants and Students might use internet portals managed by other students or alumni. By deciding to interact on these portals, you must observe this Code of Conduct at all times. Although InnoEnergy does not seek to impose specific standards of morality, each and every defamatory or humiliating or degrading comment but also gratuitous insults and slurs on these portals may be subject to sanctions, up to disqualification to apply for the Scholarship or the Participation Fee Waiver as the case may be, reclaiming the Scholarship or Participation Fee Waiver (as the case may be), terminating the Student Agreement.

By applying to an InnoEnergy Educational Program, Applicants and Students acknowledge that part of the Program shall focus on people management and entrepreneurship. The interaction between Applicants and or Students with their peers shall be assessed throughout the whole Application process and study program until graduation.

In the event of a misconduct by an Applicant during the application process until the signature of the Student Agreement between the iSE Foundation and the Applicant, or a misconduct by the Student having signed the Student Agreement, the Steering Committee composed of the Program Coordinators of the relevant Educational Program may decide to either put the Scholarship or Participation Fee Waiver (as the case maybe) on hold, partially or in whole, and/or suspend or terminate the Student Agreement.

This Student Code of Conduct supplements but does not supersede the Student Agreement.

Accepting this Student Code of Conduct is an essential condition for making a valid application for an InnoEnergy Program, Scholarship or Participation Fee Waiver.

Version dated October 2018

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